Skillz - "'09 Rap Up"

I haven't been posting anything lately (I've been thoroughly enjoying my winter break), but I'm about to pick it up again.  Before I go out tonight and bring in the new decade, I wanted to post this song to look back at the past year.  Over the past few years, it's become an annual tradition for Skillz to rap up the year.  Usually the songs are funny as hell and this one doesn't disappoint.

Peace, Love, & Hip Hop,

What's In Rotation, Vol. IV: I Do It For Hip Hop

It's been a while since I did this (thank God the semester's over).  In the intermediary period a lot of good music has been released.  The Clipse released their highly anticipated 'Til The Casket Drops and Wale leaked what may very well be the song of the year.  Geo of Blue Scholars got put on by Duck Down and rhymed alongside legends KRS-One and Buckshot.  Joell Ortiz released one of the best mixtapes of the year in Road Kill, Grynch hooked up with producer Illmind, and Macklemore and Ryan Lewis released one of the best projects I've heard...ever.  The fourth installment of What's In Rotation takes all of these releases into consideration while looking back at the past year and decade (with a couple older tracks as well).  Hit the jump for the tracklist/link:

Macklemore - "The Town" [Music Video]

I don't think I've ever been so excited for a music video.  I wasn't around a computer yesterday, but Macklemore and super director Zia Mohajerjasbi (the genius behind the beautiful "Back Home," "Loyalty," and "Escaping Arkham" videos) released this long awaited gem yesterday.  I've been waiting on "The Town" video this for the past couple months and it doesn't fail to live up to expectations.  The video, which beautifully displays the City on the Sound, proved to be a very good Christmas present.  Enjoy.

Peace, Love, and Hip Hop,
Northbest Noah

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Ludacris - "Ludacrismas"

 There aren't many (good) Christmas songs in the hip hop genre.  Though none will ever live up to Adam Sandler's "Santa Song," Ludacris' 2007 song of holiday cheer certainly gives it a run for it's money.  Originally written for the Fred Claus soundtrack, "Ludacrismas" is probably the best Xmas themed rap song of all time as Luda certainly puts an interesting twist on "Here Comes Santa Claus" (The song itself became the title of one of my favorite 30 Rock episodes).

Kick back and just chill like a player would do,
Remix all the Christmas carols then I play 'em for you.

Peace, Love, & Merry Ludacrismas,
Naughty By Noah

Ludacris - "Ludacrismas"
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Blue Scholars - "Hello"

I had to post this Northwest classic as I prepare to head home today.  In less than 12 hours I'll step foot in the upper left region of this nation, in the city lovingly named 'The 6.'  For those of you who have yet to hear Geo and Sabzi's latest, the OOF EP, I highly recommend downloading a copy (as no physical copies remain).  It's short, but also one of the best projects I've heard this year.

I say 'hello,' 'cause lately all I'm sayin's 'goodbye.'

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Wale - "The Meeting" X "Thank You Freestyle"

Wale recently graced us with these two tracks. The first (one of the best songs I've heard from him) is from waaaay back in 2007 and was considered for the intro track of Attention: Deficit (my favorite album of the year).  After hearing this, I don't know why he didn't begin his debut album with this song (the only real problem I had with the album was that I had a rough time getting into the first couple tracks).  The second is a freestyle off of Jay-Z's "Thank You" (which may very well be my favorite instrumental of the year).

Peace, Love, & Wale,
Neoteric Noah

"The Meeting"
"Thank You Freestyle"

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Joell Ortiz - "Dear Hustle Freestyle"

Damm, this is exactly what I needed to hear after finishing my last final of the semester.  Joell Ortiz goes in over one of my favorite Jay songs.  Dude's been absolutely killing every instrumental he's hopped on recently.  In case you missed it, I've thrown in his Road Kill mixtape that he dropped last week.  Easily the best Slaughterhouse MC, hands down and he kills [insert your favorite rapper here]'s beats on the tape.  The Free Agent drops next year.  Hit the jump for artwork/tracklist/download...

Peace, Love, & Hip Hop,

Daniel Merriweather - "Change" feat. Wale

I recently came across this song off of Australian R&B singer Daniel Merriweather's Love & War album which was released back in June.  Merriweather has collaborated with Wale in the past on two Mark Ronson procuced tracks off Back to the Feature and 100 Miles and Running to great success and this is no exception (Ronson produces this track as well).  As always, it's good to hear Wale on a track.  Enjoy.

Peace, Love, & Hip Hop,

Daniel Merriweather"Change" feat. Wale
Wale - "Let's Ride" feat. Daniel Merriweather
Wale - "Pot of Gold" feat. Daniel Merriweather

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Justis - Nike Boots Remix

It takes a lot of guts to go over an instrumental that Wale already demolished, but the Seattle emcee definitely does the track justice in his own right.  Couldn't get a (good) picture of Justis so I went with the token image.  I've been impressed by everything I've heard from him thus far (though, to be fair, it's only been two songs).  Alright, time to buckle down and finish studying for the last remaining exams of the semester.

Peace, Love, & Hip Hop,

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Kidz In The Hall - "We At It Again"

As much as I dislike the direction that KITH has taken since their debut, I'll admit that this song is the cut.  It comes off of The Professional Leisure Tour, the free album that successfully blends the content of School Was My Hustle with the pop aspects of their sophomore album The In Crowd.  It's not solid all the way through (it has "Jukebox" yeah...), but I'm not going to complain as long as it's free.  Double-0's production has steadily improved (and was one of the bright spots of The In Crowd) while Naledge is a clever wordsmith who weaves an SAT vocabulary into his rhymes.  A huge difference between PLT and their last project is the distinct lack of guest appearance.  Aside from two tracks, their are no featured artists other than Chicago duo (as opposed to The In Crowd, which only had one track without a feature).  It's a solid project overall and I recommend the download.  It gives me hope that the UPenn grads will be able to turn it around for their third album, Land of the Make Believe, set to be released February 23.

Peace, Love, & Ivy League Rap?
Nerdy Noah

XV - "Controller" x "1997"

Damm, is XV really rhyming about video games?  Kind of, but as a way to discuss...other things.  Off of his techno-influenced 2008 mixtape The Square In the Circle, this is a song that really exemplifies XV's style as a quirky and nerdy, yet amazing rhymesayer.  XV's quickly becoming one of my favorite up and coming emcees.  The whole mixtape can be downloaded here (I highly recommend it.  "1997" is probably my favorite track.).


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Eternia - Get Caught Up

Where all the female emcees at?  Damm, I'm sorry that I've slept on this Canadian emcee for so long.  She isn't a pop artist like Kid Sister.  She isn't a singer/rapper like Lauryn Hill.  She's a pureblood emcee with one of the best flows and rhyme schemes I've ever heard.  It's good to hear a female emcee spit like this in a genre where women on the mic are largely swept under the rug.  With production credits from the likes of Jake One and 9th Wonder, she's been getting props from some of the best and this "Best of" mixtape shows a lot of talent.  Don't make the same mistake I did and continue to sleep on her.  Eternia & MoSS' At Last is scheduled to be released next year.  Tracklist/link after the jump...

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis - The VS. EP

After a long, drawn out wait, the lovechild of Macklemore and Ryan, The VS. EP, was released today.  A review is forthcoming (once I get out of the woods aka the last six days of school), but I figured you guys would want to hear it based one the previous (epic) releases.  Hit the jump for the tracklist/dl link.

Adele - "First Love [Remot Remix]" feat. Naledge

I figured I should take it back to this extremely dope Mick Boogie remixtape seeing it's been just under a year since it's release.  I haven't really ever listened to Adele, but I'm a huge fan of this mash-up (something that's difficult to do, but Mick Boogie pulls of with great consistency).  This is one of my favorites from the mixtape and features some of the best rhyming I've heard from Kidz In The Hall emcee Naledge since their debut project.  The rest of the project can be downloaded here.

Peace, Love, & Mash-ups,

Joell Ortiz & Novel - "Stressful" feat. Cri$tyle aka The Ink

Damm, the way Ortiz has been killing tracks lately, I've been waiting for him to drop a mixtape.  Looks like I'm finally going to get my wish as he teams up with former Rawkus Records artist Novel on their upcoming Defying The Predictable.  On this track, the duo teams up with ATL artist Cri$tyle and create a much more meaningful and much less superficial track than the original, Drake's "Successful."  Props to OnSmash.

Peace, Love, & Hip Hop,
Neurotic Noah

Lupe Fiasco - "Blackout"

Props to Team Supreme for dropping this bonus track off of the Japanese version of Lupe's The Cool (well, at least the version with Trey Songz).  There's not that much difference between either version, but w/e.  It's free Lupe.  For those of you who haven't checked out the Enemy of the State mixtape, I highly recommend it.

"Blackout [Alternative Version]" (feat. Trey Songz)

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QuESt - "Trouble" X "Love Until We Bleed" feat. Lykke Li

I wasn't that big a fan of QuESt's illroots x 2dopeboyz sponsored Broken Headphones mixtape.  It just didn't vibe with me or live up to the hype given on the interwebz.  But after hearing the last two songs he put out, I'm going to have to give another look to the Miami emcee.  Enjoy.

Peace, Love, & Hip Hop,


"Love Until We Bleed" (feat. Lykee Li)

Kyle Lucas - "Red Button (Remix)" feat. Mike Posner

I'm not that big a fan of Mike Posner, he's an awful singer/lyricist and I don't understand the hype he's getting.  That being said, Kyle Lucas is one of my favorite up and coming emcees and if he's gonna remake a Mikey P track I'll give him a little more leeway.  The Big Boi co-signed artist manages to save this song.  KL's next mixtape, It's Always Sunny In Marietta is set to be released next month and his band Vonnegutt's debut Falling Up the Stairs is set to drop soon.

Wale - "Diary (Acoustic)"

This song was amazing on Attention Deficit, but this acoustic version of the Marsha Ambrosius assisted "Diary" brings something else entirely and evokes a sense of incredible emptiness and sadness.  Props to the Sleepwalkers on the production.  Wale's album is still holding up as the best album of the year thus far.

Peace, Love, & Hip Hop,

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Macklemore - "Otherside" Live @ KEXP

Macklemore does his thing at KEXP.  Personally, I think the "Otherside" sample works very well for the studio track, but the content's so deep it works here (for the most part) a cappella.  Macklemore still owns my favorite spoken word piece with "Air Jordans" from earlier this year.  Check out the article on Macklemore in City Magazine.  It's one of the most powerful pieces (on music or otherwise) that I've ever read and highly suggest the read.  VS. drops December 15th.

Peace, Love, & Hip Hop,
NW Noah

KRS-One & Buckshot - "Oh Really Remix" feat. Talib Kweli & Geologic

Damm, Geo's getting some good looks from Duck Down.  Now he hops on a track the remix of KRS & Buck's track off of Survival Skills.  Good seeing him hold his own on a track with emcees of this caliber.  I'm lovin' it.

Peace, Love, & NW Hip Hop,
Northside Noah

Dyme Def - Do Something Mixtape

New Dyme Def for free?  My day just got a whole lot better.  The DJ Scene-mixed mixtape includes snippets of old Dyme Def songs as well as some new songs of their upcoming EP.  I was expecting some whole songs, but I guess we'll have to wait a few days.  Overall, it's a less than spectacular prelude to Sex Tape (dropping December 15th).  Hit the jump for the link.

Peace, Love, & Hip Hop,

Method Man & Raekwon - Meth Vs. Chef II

Fuck you, pay me!
2/3 of Wu Massacre stop by for a track that reminds me a lot of the "House of the Flying Daggers" sound that I loved so much.  It's been out for a minute, but the CD-quality just dropped.  *crosses fingers* Wu Massacre is set to be released on February 31st.

Peace, Love, & Wu,
Ghostface Noah

Black Star - "History" X "Respiration" feat. Common

The one quality that I love above all others about having the opportunity to live in New York isn't the fast-pace or the nearly limitless possibilities; the thing I love most about the city life is simply walking through the Upper West Side streets at night and feeling the city's heart beating even at night.  Tonight was one of the few times I've had to escape my Fortress of Solitude that my room has become over the last weeks of the semester.  I didn't walk far, only four blocks out and four blocks out, but it was enough to clear my head.  The one song I played during the course of the walk was the Common-assisted Black Star track, "Respiration."  For anyone who has ever walked through the Big Apple at night, you know that the city is a living, breathing organism and Black Star is right on the mark with its depiction on this song.

While I'm on the subject, Mos Def and Talib Kweli need to get back together.  Individually they're good, but together they're unstoppable.  It's been 11 years since the first and only Black Star project was released (though I added a collab from Mos Def's latest album to this post) and the hip hop community has been collectively holding its breath for more material ever since.

Peace, Love, & NYC,
Needs Sleep Noah

Blue Scholars - "No Rest For The Weary"

Brothers call me 'dog,' they got the letters backwards.

I had to take a little time out of my homework (for the blog and for my sanity) to post this Northwest Classic.  I first heard of Geo and Sabzi on the 2005 re-release of their debut self-titled album.  I've been hooked ever since.  I don't need to say much more about the album as it has become a sacred text for the Seattle hip hop scene.  This remains my favorite Blue Scholars track to this day.

So keep marchin' 'til your feet split open,
No rest for the weary, Blue Scholars keep goin'

Peace, Love, & Sleep,
Nocturnal Noah

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Lil' Wayne Singing & Playing Guitar

I had to do it.  I remember back in the day when people hated on Lil' Wayne from being from the south and it was cool to like him.  Now I just realize he's on a massive amount of drugs.

Kid CuDi feat. MGMT & Ratatat - "Pursuit of Happiness" [Music Video]

The latest music video off of CuDi's Man On The Moon: The End of Day.

Kid CuDi feat. MGMT & Ratatat - "Pursuit of Happiness"

Beaterator & Adult Swim - ATL Remixtape

I may not like a few of artists on this mixtape, but the production/beats on this mixtape makes it too good to pass up (enough to make me pause and listen to Gucci Mane...which should tell you a lot).  Many of the artists (Cee Lo, B.O.B., Gorilla Zoe) are legitimately talented and production comes from the likes of El-P along with several very talented up and coming producers.  Those of you who are fans of looped beats will have a heyday with this one.  Props to Adult Swim for putting out yet another great (free) project.  Hit the link for the tracklist/link.

Fice, Logics, Fatal Lucciuano & Justis - "Boss Life Remix"

I'm fuckin with this.  Instant Northwest classic of Snoop and Akon's track off of Tha Blue Carpet Treatment.  Much better than anything I've heard from Fatal, and continues the trend of good Fice/Logics remixes.

Grynch - "The Right Way" (Prod. Illmind)

New material from the King of Ballard off of Illmind's upcoming Blaps, Rhymes, & Life.  Props to Shake on the drop.

Fuck supporting hip hop, support good music.

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What's In Rotation, Vol. III: New Chapter

The third installment of the thatsthat series.  I'm gonna give you guys fair warning in advance, but the next couple weeks are going to be hectic school-wise, but I'm going to keep posting when I have the time so keep checking in.  As always, I appreciate the support.  Hit the jump for the tracklist/link:

Peace, Love, & Hip Hop,
Hard Knocks Noah

Jay-Z Caused 9/11 (and Enjoys Drowning Puppies)

It all makes sense now...smh.  I can't take this dude seriously, not because of his massive logical jumps and ridiculous viewpoint, but because he is incapable of speaking English and his "knowledge" of hip hop as well as history and religion in general (Umm, Lucifer isn't actually the devil.  Our modern connotation of the word only comes from Paradise Lost...but I digress).  Props to 206Proof for thoroughly entertaining me with this.  Hit the jump for a few more of this idiot's videos.

K. Sparks - "Hey Babe" X "The One"

It's been a minute since we checked in with K-Dot, but with a song hot off the presses, I figured it was well worth it to give dude another look.  Both tracks come off of Soul Food, which I'm eagerly anticipating after his last project, Super Senior.  Also, be sure to check K. Sparks and many other of your favorite artists on YNotMyDream's very dope Beneath The Surface, Vol. 1 mixtape.  I have yet to hear a bad song from K. Sparks, and these cuts only continue the trend.

K. Sparks - "Hey Babe"
K. Sparks & Definition - "The One"

The New Deal - Wait Like Five Minutes and Meet Me On Will's Street EP

Although duo The New Deal's debut Wait Like Five Minutes and Meet Me On Will's Street EP was only recorded over the past summer, in reality the project dates back eight years when thirteen-year-olds Ashton Hemmins and Eric Graham, known as Koala-T and AMFM respectively, first met in eight grade.  The pair of kids from Seattle-suburb, White Center, quickly bonded and began rhyming around the same time.

Kid Sister - "Right Hand Hi" X "Let Me Bang 2009" X "Pro Nails" feat. Kanye West

Insomnia may have won this battle, but I prefer to think that I'm winning the war (I don't sleep, 'cause sleep is the cousin of death).  Whatever, here's hopefully the last post for the night.  Imma try and go catch a little shut eye.

In a genre that is often defined by machoism and misogynistic, female emcees are few and far between (I personally don't think hip hop is misogynistic as a whole.  You need look no further than 2Pac's "Keep Ya Head Up".  It's really that 1% of hip hop music that gets radio play that pervade this stereotype to the rest of the genre, but that's another point).  The few female emcees that are active are forced to utilize their sexuality in order to achieve any sort of mainstream success.  Chicago-emcee Kid Sister is different.  The Kanye West protege has demonstrated a knack for witty, sassy lyrics that don't rely on her body to sell the product.

To be fair, Kid Sister has yet to demonstrate much depth content-wise.  On her 2009 debut Ultraviolet, she preferred to make techno/club-influenced, catchy party anthems (at this moment, she's basically the hip hop version of M.I.A. or Lady Gaga).  Still, it's a step in the right direction back to the days of MC Lyte and Remy Ma and the door is always open for her to grow as an artist.

Peace, Love, & Ladies,
Narcoleptic Noah

Rockie - "New Chapter" X "Yo" X "Rockie Fresh"

Over the past decade, Chicago has risen to one of the premier breeding grounds for aspiring emcees.  Though Common (Sense) held it down for the city in the 90's, it wasn't until Kanye West hit it big with The College Dropout in 2004 that the scene began to explode.  Kanye's success opened the door for new acts like Lupe Fiasco (who made his mainstream debut on West's sophomore album), Kidz In The Hall, Add-2, and Kid Sister to have mainstream success, while introducing Twista and Common to a broader audience.

Enter Rockie, a young emcee looking to be the next big thing out of the Windy City.  I've been thoroughly impressed by what I've heard from the kid so far.  Rockie possesses a flow that sounds incredibly natural and backs them up with great lyrics and beats to match.  "New Chapter" is the best thing I've heard this week (sorry Macklemore) and appropriately marks a new page for the Chi-Town hip hop scene.  Judging by what I've heard, he has the potential to be something great.  Rockie's Modern Life drops December 15th.  Enjoy.

Peace, Love, & Hip Hop,
Newly Noah

"New Chapter"
"Rockie Fresh"

Cosmo - Pieces EP

I posted the New Jersey emcee Cosmo's "Rugrats" track featuring Tunji of Inverse a minute ago, now here's the full project.  Also, be sure to check out his note to his fans.  Tracklist/Link after the jump:

Happy Borndate Shawn Carter

Fourty years ago today, Gloria Carter gave birth to Shawn, the last of her four children.  From the Marcy Projects in Brooklyn hustling to the heights of hip hop, Shawn Carter's story has become a modern day vision of the American Dream.  No other rapper has been as popular for as long as Jay-Z.  He's the only rapper who's been able to remain relevant this late in his career, something remarkable in a genre quick to push people out the door.  The man has cast his shadow on the game following the deaths of Biggie and Pac and few would dare argue his place amoung the greatest of all time.  To celebrate the big 4-0, I've linked two of my Jay favorite songs, "December 4th," the first song off of The Black Album (the only person I've heard come close to Hov on this beat has been Bobby Creekwater) and "Can I Live," one of the best tracks off of one of the greatest albums of all time.

I'd rather die enormous than live dormant, that's how we on it.

Peace, Love, & Hip Hop,
Notorious Noah

XV - "Nevermind" X "Now Jump" X "50 First Dates" X "Lights Please Remix" w/ J. Cole

Congrats to XV and J. Cole for making XXL's 2010 Freshman Class (Update: the list's authenticity has been brought into question, but considering the buzz around both artists, I'd be willing to bet that both end up making it).  Both are definitely well deserved, though I'm not sure I agree with some of their fellow classmates (I'm looking at you Nipsey Hussle).  Here are a couple of Vizzy's latest tracks including his production credit on the "Lights Please Remix" (I personally prefer the original version, but I'm unsure of whether that's because I heard it first or not).  I've said it before, I'll say it again: I really haven't heard a bad song from either emcee and they deserve all the success they'll achieve.

Macklemore - "Irish Celebration"

There's not much more I can say about Macklemore that I haven't written in previous posts.  This is the last leak off of his VS. EP with producer Ryan Lewis.  Mack honors his Irish ancestors over a Beirut sample.  The results speak for themselves.  UPDATE: check the very moving article about Macklemore in City Arts Magazine.  Sorry for the lack of content the past couple days.  I'm going through some shit right now that I have to deal with, but I plan on getting back soon.

Peace, Love, & The 6,
Naughty By Noah

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Jus Mic - "Last Day of School" X "Tell Me Where The Truth Is" X "Miss You"

I originally posted my review (and download link) of this Cleveland artist's mixtape back in early August, but I wanted to bring this back up to the top for those of you who may have missed/slept on him.  Coming with the Mick Boogie co-sign, this mixtape is one of the best projects I've heard in years and propelled Jus Mic up my list of favorite up and coming emcees.

I've posted two of my favorite tracks from the album, "Last Day of School" (a hauntingly beautiful track produced by The Kickdrums) and the powerful closing track "Tell Me Where the Truth Is" (produced by Charlie Brown," as well as the bonus track "Miss You" that he released recently.

Don't sleep on this talented emcee.  He has the potential to go places and, with the content he raps about, hip hop could use more rappers like Jus Mic.  The way the hip hop scene is going in Cleveland, he's in great place to propel his career. Update: I re-uploaded the entire Jus Mic mixtape for download.

Peace, Love, & Hip Hop,
New School Noah

"Miss You":
Jus Mic:

Chuck L.i. - Almighty L.i., Vol. 1

I was applicably blown away by the Best Kept Secret-produced "Blown Away" that was featured on What's In Rotation, Vol. 2.  So when I saw this mixtape by Chicago rapper Chuck L.i., I had to download it.  Top to bottom, it proves to be a very solid download and well-worth the download.  Hit the jump for tracklist/link.

Jay-Z - "Can't Knock The Hustle" X "What More Can I Say"

It’s unfair how good Jay-Z is.  The man is so good, that he can make classic albums without penning another verse (as evidenced by DJ Dangermouse’s 2004 mash-up of Hov and the Beatles on The Grey Album and Mick Boogie’s recent mash-up of Jay-Z and Coldplay on Viva La Hova).  Shawn Carter’s power and presence is undeniable.  He exemplifies the three traits you need to make as a rapper.  His lyrics are potent, he has limitless swagger, and to top it off, the man’s possesses a nearly unmatched wit.  

Common Market - "Black Patch War"

Seeing as it's that time of year where students (myself included) are busy preparing for finals, I thought it might be applicable to give a short history lesson.  It’s not often that you hear an emcee spit about the plight of turn of the century tobacco farmers, but in “Black Patch War” (off of the Black Patch War EP) emcee RA Scion takes the perspective of a member of the Night Riders, tobacco farmers in Kentucky and Tennessee who banded together in protest of the American Tobacco Company which made it difficult for them to sell tobacco for a profit.  These Night Riders, were regarded as heroes among many farmers, and often resorted to violence against the ATC and farmers who continued to do business with them.  Eventually, they were able to force James B. Duke, owner of the ATC, into another investment—electricity—and the farmers began making a profit again.

Dyme Def - "Say You Will" X "Crazy" X "Dreamin'" X "PutTheBeatInaSling"

So my day just got a whole lot better.  As a prelude to their Sex Tape EP (release date 12/15), my favorite group has announced that they will be dropping the DJ Scene-hosted Do Something Mixtape on December 10th (a few songs from Sex Tape will be featured on the mixtape).  Hit the link for the artwork/tracklist for Sex Tape as well as four of the better tracks DD has released over the past year.

Peace, Love, & Dyyyyyyyme Def,

Gerald Walker & Slot-A - "Its All Fun And Games Until We Take Your Girlfriend And Your Manhood's Compromised"

It's been a while since we checked in with Chicago rapper Gerald Walker.  We last saw him dropping Gerald Walker's Evening Out With Your Girlfriend, one of the better mixtapes of the year, which blended punk rock with hip hop sensibilities.  As with other GW songs, this one continues a trend of ridiculous titles.  On this one, he hooks up with Chicago producer/emcee Slot-A for a track that sounds surprisingly different soundwise that what I'm used to from Walker.  It still has all the witty lines that have made him one of the most humorous emcees in my book, but something about the intrumental isn't quite vibing with me, at least in the same way that songs like "Reality is an Illusion that Occurs Due to the Lack of Alcohol" did.  Tell me what you think.

Peace, Love, & Hip Hop,
Nascent Noah

Fresh Espresso - "Big or Small" [Video]

Where the ladies at?

I guess it's a P Smoov kind of day here at  I posted the Seattle emcee/producer/singer/wonderboy's latest song with Grynch earlier.  Now, here's the official video for one of the few songs I didn't care for on Glamour "Big or Small."  Not my favorite song, but Glamour. is definitely worth checking out.

Peace, Love, & Hip Hop,
Nitpicking Noah

Fresh Espresso - "Big or Small"

Fly Gypsy - "2Step/Reasons" feat. Kanye West [Video]

I've been up on Fly Gypsy since their debut project, The Vodka & Rum Mixtape, dropped earlier this year.  The Washington, D.C. based duo is comprised of Russian-born producer Alexei Jendayi and Jamaica-born emcee Kowboy Kom and reflects a variety of influences from Kurt Cobain to The Notorious B.I.G.  Their mixtape samples lyrics from the likes of Kanye, Nas, Pac, and Lauryn Hill and places them over Alexei beats, placing them alongside Kom's lyrics (that stand up against some of the best to ever bless the mic.  Hit the jump for the "2Step/Reasons" music video, the tracklist, and download link.  Be on the lookout, their debut album Change For a Dollar drops tomorrow.

Peace, Love, & Hip Hop,
Nomadic Noah

P Smoov feat. Grynch - "You're On"

A snippet of this song was featured on P Smoov's Face Scrunchers, Vol. 1 beat tape (which I definitely suggest downloading if you haven't already), but P Smoov (Fresh Espresso, Mad Rad) just released the full version last night.  As is typical with P Smoov beats, the song provides glossy production as Grynch and Smoov trade what ends up not being the best verses I've heard from either, but I won't complain about new, free music from two of my favorite local artists.

Peace, Love, & Hip Hop,
Northbest Noah

Henok Achido - "Fly Fresh"

I was first introduced to this artist through the very dope XV remix of this song.  The instrumental was so good that I had to check out this Swedish artist (that's right...Swedish hip hop).  Production + Lyrics = a win in my book for this single off of Almaz Charming Child that he dropped back in February.  (I don't know why more artists haven't gone in over this beat).

Peace, Love, & Hip Hop,

Macklemore - "Crew Cuts" feat. Xperience (Prod. Ryan Lewis) X "I'm Free"

Some good old 206 hip hop.  Macklemore hooks up with Olympia-spitta Xperience in a Step Cousins collab on the latest track from his VS. EP with Ryan Lewis (which I've heard dropped two days ago, so I'd be eternally grateful to anyone who would show me where I can download it).  I've also included Mack's collab with XP from the 2007 album Soultree.

Peace, Love, & Hip Hop,

Xperience feat. Macklemore - "I'm Free"
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Lupe Fiasco - Enemy of the State: A Love Story (Mixtape)

Rest in peace to rap?
No, rest in peace to wackness.

Sorry for the drop off in posts.  I've been out of town over Thanksgiving break and have been without consistent internet access.  The next couple of posts should catch you up with what I've missed in my absence.

I've been craving some new Lupe for a while now.  He hasn't really dropped anything since his 2007 album The Cool, so when he dropped this tape Thanksgiving day he gave me something to be more than thankful for.  Lupe continues his rise through the hip hop ranks, rapping circles around other emcees' on their beats.  My personal favorite has to be his rendition of Weezy's "Fireman."  Hit the jump for tracklist/download as well as the bonus "Fire" track that I've thrown in (gotta love when one of my favorite emcees rhymes over my favorite band of all time).  Lupe's set to drop another mixtape on Christmas Day and Lasers is due early next year.

Peace, Love, & Lupe,