Kidz In The Hall - "Jukebox"

SMH...This song makes me weep, not because is is so unbelievably average, but for what could have been.  I've followed Kidz In The Hall since their near classic 2006 debut School Was My Hustle.  The duo, composed of emcee Naledge and producer Double-O, first met while at Penn and had the potential to represent something that Hip Hop had never heard before (seriously--Ivy League Rap).  This came through heavily on their debut album, an LP marked by politically-conscious, SAT vocabulary-heavy lyrics against solid production.  I don't think a sophomore album has ever sounded more different than their 2008 The In Crowd.

KITH sold out.  There's no getting around the fact that, in order to garner more radio play and more record sales, the duo dumbed down their lyrics and subject matter (a fact that can be seen on the album's lead single, "Drivin' Down the Block") and relied heavily on featured artists (11 of 14 tracks on the album feature at least one additional artist).  Although their were some highlights to The In Crowd, such as the title track, "The Pledge" and the powerful "Inner Me," these tracks are overwhelmed by the mediocre tracks designed to sell more records.  Though Double-O's production improved on this album, instead of becoming a unique hip hop group, KITH decided to become run of the mill.

I had hoped that this was only a sophomore slump, but it appears to have continued with the first two singles for their upcoming free LP (dropping October 27th).  I don't think I'd be downloading it if it weren't free, but I'll give KITH the pass, if only for the work they put out in their debut.  I've attached the second single off of their upcoming free LP as well as several of their previous tracks to better demonstrate the groups' potential.

Peace, Love, & Hip Hop,

Kidz In The Hall - "Jukebox"
Kidz In The Hall - "Wheelz Fall Off ('06 'Til)"
Kidz In The Hall - "Go Ill"
Kidz In The Hall - "Ritalin"

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