Nasty Nas - 1991 Demo Tape

Nasir Jones aka Nas aka God's Son aka Nasty Nas is one of the undisputed legends of the genre.  Hip Hop albums will forever be classified as pre-Illmatic and post-Illmatic.  For all of you hip hop heads out there, I thought you might be interested in this pre-Illmatic demo tape that I just came across.  The sound quality isn't the best and some of the rhymes are recycled on his proper 1994 debut, but this is a piece of hip hop history.  Even at this point in his career, he's still lyrically deadly (it kinda reminds me of Eminem circa "Infinite").  As a bonus, I've included the first track Nas ever laid a verse on.  Coming off Main Source's Breaking Atoms, Nas (before he dropped the "Nasty") absolutely kills "Live At The Barbeque" (you'll probably recognize Nas' verse as the very same one sampled in the background of the intro to Illmatic).  Enjoy.

Peace, Love, & Hip Hop,
Nasty Noah

Nasty Nas - 1991 Demo Tape
(Bonus) Main Source - "Live At the Barbecue" feat. Nasty Nas

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