Why Hip Hop Needs OB4CLII to Succeed

The natural path of the world is one of progression.  The old gives way to the new, which in turn gives way to the newer.  In this world where we, more often than not, hold to the mantra of “it’s not what you’ve done, it’s what you’ve done lately,” it is ever so important to recognize where we’ve been in order to know where we’re going.

Though there are always generational conflicts as the old gives way to the new, hip hop is perhaps the only genre of music where these conflicts become vicious.  Hip Hop itself, more than any other genre, reflects an exaggerated caricature of American society.  Hip Hop has always been a very competitive game.  Rappers constantly try achieve the title of “best rapper alive,” which often results in resentment towards old emcees by the next generation instead of the reverence that many hold for past generations of other genres (you won’t hear any current guitarist badmouthing Hendrix in the way that Game is going after Jay).

This is the reason why we need Raekwon’s Only Built 4 Cuban Linx II to succeed.  Because it is based on it’s success that the future of hip hop will be determined.  If OB4CLII is commercially successful, it will show the world that there is still a niche in the market for raw and gritty hip hop.  It will show the corporate execs that the future of hip hop isn’t the packaged and wrapped up “rappers” with dumbed down, commercially friendly lyrics like a Drake or post-CII Lil’ Wayne, but the new old school rappers like Wale, Joell Ortiz, and Lupe.  It is fitting that it is the legendary Raekwon the Chef and his Wu Affiliates that are offering this referendum. Afterall, it is our entire experience, past, present, and future that defines us as human beings and as our movement.

It is hip hop’s past that will determine the movement’s future and for all of you out there who downloaded the leek of the album (I’ll man up and admit that I’m one of them) and for all of those of you who love hip hop and want to keep it alive, I beg that you cop OB4CLII.  It’s classic Wu material and I’ve already pre-ordered my hard copy.

The moment is approaching where we will be able to decide once and for all whether hip hop lived or was reborn.  The question I leave you with is which one do you desire?

Peace, Love, & Wu,
Nostalgic Noah

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