Dahlak - "Commencement" x "So Uncool" feat. iLL-Literacy

Say what you will about Kanye and the artist that he's become, but he's had a huge influence (for better or worse) on nearly every artist coming up in the game today.  One of those artists happens to be Bay Area emcee Dahlak, a member of the iLL-Literacy crew, and a very talented artist.  Not many people have heard of this talented emcee, who's 2007 Dual Conscious was a very impressive solo debut.
These two songs come off of his 2008 remixtape of several Kanye songs Live From the Boondocks: Commencement, which I highly recommend downloading below (Dahlak is a much more talented lyricist than West, and this is one of my favorite mixtapes of all time and nearly every track is a cut.  Zion I and Geologic of Blue Scholars manage to drop by for to co-sign it).  Enjoy.

They like, "D, whatcha gonna be with your major?"
Nothing mothafucka I'm just gonna be major.
-Dahlak, "Do It"

Update: Uploaded the entire mixtape via Audiomack.

Peace, Love, & Hip Hop,
Neolistic Noah

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