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I haven't checked in with my favorite Cleveland spitta (sorry Cudi) in a while now and here are a few tracks he's released in the meantime.  Jus Mic is one of my three favorite up and coming emcees and be sure to check out his other material.  Also, if you like "Your the Man (Remix)" or "Who's Saving Me," be sure to check out the presented mixtape On The Rise, Vol 2, featuring several of Cleveland's best.  Cleveland is another of those scenes (like my own hometown) that's about to explode. The home of Bone Thugs, recent Cleveland artists have included Jus Mic, Kid Cudi, and Mick Boogie.

Peace, Love, & Hip Hop,

Jus Mic - "Who's Saving Me"
Mr. 44 feat. Jus Mic & Embezz - "Your A Man (Remix)"
Jus Mic - "Wasn't Supposed to Be"
Jus Mic - "Misery"
Gifted feat. Fortune & Jus Mic - "Run This City"

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