Kyle Lucas - "Fuckyoukyle" x "Closure"

Cartman Sample + K. Lucas Lyrics = A WordIsBorn approved song.  These two songs come off of the Suburban Wordsmith's 2007 mixtape Kyle Lucas is My Favorite (his prelude to the critically acclaimed Kyle Lucas is Still My Favorite).  I was re-listening to this mixtape today and, though I remember it being good, I didn't remember it having so many cuts.  I'd definitely check it as it's nice to see the progression of Lucas from KLIMF to KLISMF.  While the later sounds more like a complete album (one of the best I've heard in a while if I may say so myself), KLIMF sounds more like a traditional mixtape complete with freestyles and all.  It's worth the download, especially for all you KL fans out there (you can find it here).

These two tracks represent the two sides of Lucas that I like best.  The prior is an example of the absurdly comical emcee more prone to sample South Park or Fall Out Boy than following in the steps of every other rapper out there by sampling whatever Kanye or Jay puts out.  The second track shows the deeply introspective Lucas coming to grips with many of his personal dilemmas along with his rising place in the game.  If there's anyone out there sleeping on the Purple Ribbon Assassin, wake up.  And that's all I've got to say about that.  Can't wait for It's Always Sunny In Marietta.  It's gonna be hot.

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  1. My name's Kyle Lucas from mi. What's bro. It fits ✌️