Skyzoo - Cornerstone Classic (2007)

Skyzoo is exactly what hip hop needs.  The Brooklyn native, who's been rapping since age 9, is an emcee who is able to take hip hop back to it's golden age traditions, while still moving the game forward.  Fifteen years, six mixtapes, and one independent EP later, Skyzoo is one of the most respected up and coming emcees and is poised to release his proper debut LP The Salvation at the end of the month.  Skyzoo draws influences from everyone from fellow BK emcees Biggie and Jay-Z to NWA and Nirvana.  His style bridges the lengthy gap between street hop and backpack rap.  His 2007 Mick Boogie co-signed mixtape Cornerstone Classic recieved critical acclaim, including an XL in XXL and is a great example of Sky's natural gift of gab.  Cuts include "Straighten It Out" and the J Dilla produced "They Don't Want It."  As far as mixtapes go, I place it about on level with J. Cole's The Come Up (a great mixtape on in it's own right), but below a few of Mick Boogie's other mixtapes like Viva La Hova and Jus Mic and another level below J. Cole's latest The Warm Up.  At the end of the day it's a very respectable mixtape and I'm very excited to hear The Salvation (an album which has already recieved XL in XXL) come September 29th.  I've included a link to this mixtape as well as the video and track for "Beautiful Decay," first single off his upcoming album.  Peep the video, it's an ode to his home borough and a commentary, as the name might suggest on urban decay.  S-K-Y-Z-O-O.  Remember the name.

Peace, Love, & Hip Hop,
NY-Abiding Noah

Skyzoo - Cornerstone Classic
Skyzoo - Beautiful Decay

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