dead prez - "Hip-Hop" x "Warpath" feat. Ratfink

DP is a highly respected, semi-underground group comprised of and M-1.  They’ve been around since their debut Let’s Get Free in 1998.  The group continues the traditions innate to the genre—political activism and describes themselves as “somewhere between N.W.A. and [Public Enemy].”  The group has gotten a lot of props around the industry and has collaborated with Jay-Z, Nas, and most recently DJ Green Lantern.

This track is one of my favorites of all time.  Off of their debut record, it’s just a very well put together song.  The baseline is one of the most powerful I’ve heard and you may recognize it as the intro to Chappelle’s Show.  The chorus itself is one of the most recognizable in hip hop.

Lyrically the song is quite exceptional, commenting on the current pettiness in hip hop.  Pay particular attention to the second verse as it is one of my favorites in the genre.  The dead prez/DJ Green Lantern album Pulse of the People (of which this music video is off of) is out now.  UPDATE: I've attached one my favorite tracks from the album, "Warpath."  Enjoy.

Dead Prez Summertime music video from Tao Ruspoli on Vimeo.

Peace, Love, & Resistance,




  1. I missed Dead Prez coming out with a new album? I'm embarassed. Is it good?

  2. It didn't get that much press/advertising. It's good dp ish, very political, very good...theoretically they're dropping Information Age soon