J. Cole - "I'm Coming Home [Demo]"

It's a shame that this is evidently a reference track for Last Train To Paris.  This would probably be the radio hit that J. Cole's been waiting for to really blow up.  Instead, we have to wait for Diddy to jump on and ruin it.  So it goes.

J-Dot had yet to disappoint and the Jay-Z protégé's highly anticipated debut, Cole World drops later this month/early December.  He also has a show coming up in New York on December 5th (if you want tickets, I recommend buying early).  Props to Shake.

Zion I - "Act Right" | Atomic Clock Stream | East Coast Tour

In celebration of the Bay Area duo's latest offering (dropping November 9th), I figured I should post one of my old favorites.  Even a lot of Zion I fans haven't heard "Act Right," which was released on the group's Break A Dawn, their 2006 album that was exclusively released in Japan.  For those fans out there of west coast hip hop, this is a legendary underground group that you absolutely must have in your library.  Zion I has consistently put out great albums since their first official full length LP, Mind Over Matter, back in 2000 and I expect Atomic Clock to be no exception.

Speaking of Atomic Clock, the group will be holding a full album stream online starting at 6:00 EST tomorrow (details here).  Additionally, the group is making a rare east coast tour starting tonight in Providence and ending on November 7th with a set in North Carolina.  For those CU students still in New York over break, I highly recommend taking the opportunity to attend their show at the Brooklyn Bowl on Monday (11/1) as it'll only set you back $5 and the cost of a round trip subway.  East coast shows by quality groups from the Fresh Coast are far too infrequent, so you should definitely take advantage of this occasion.

Peace, Love, & Hip Hop,

Blue Scholars - "BUTTER&GUN$ (Loyalty II)" x "The Ave" x "Big Bank Hank"

Quick post tonight, as I have to get back to writing one of my two major paper due this week.

Nelly - "Ride wit Me" (feat. City Spud)

It's impossible to hate this track.  "Why," you ask.  Must be the money.