Zion I - "Act Right" | Atomic Clock Stream | East Coast Tour

In celebration of the Bay Area duo's latest offering (dropping November 9th), I figured I should post one of my old favorites.  Even a lot of Zion I fans haven't heard "Act Right," which was released on the group's Break A Dawn, their 2006 album that was exclusively released in Japan.  For those fans out there of west coast hip hop, this is a legendary underground group that you absolutely must have in your library.  Zion I has consistently put out great albums since their first official full length LP, Mind Over Matter, back in 2000 and I expect Atomic Clock to be no exception.

Speaking of Atomic Clock, the group will be holding a full album stream online starting at 6:00 EST tomorrow (details here).  Additionally, the group is making a rare east coast tour starting tonight in Providence and ending on November 7th with a set in North Carolina.  For those CU students still in New York over break, I highly recommend taking the opportunity to attend their show at the Brooklyn Bowl on Monday (11/1) as it'll only set you back $5 and the cost of a round trip subway.  East coast shows by quality groups from the Fresh Coast are far too infrequent, so you should definitely take advantage of this occasion.

Peace, Love, & Hip Hop,

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