KnowMads - So It Goes. and Saturdayzed

The next twenty posts or so are meant to catch you up on what I've written on my e-mail blog thus far...
My debut entry features a group that I consider to be a hidden gem.  Maybe it's just because I'm a kid from North Seattle, but I consider this 206 trio's first two albums, So It Goes. and Saturdayzed, to be near classic status.  Their third album, The Rooftop, has some cuts, but is not as complete as the first two.  While the group has it's party anthems (check out the title track off of Saturdayzed, it cracks me up), they also show remorse over their lifestyle ("Happy Simples") and have several tracks regarding political activism ("Oh Well," "If").  On all of their songs, one thing remains constant: their humor, lyrical prowess, and dope samples.  For me, I love the opening track off of So It Goes. and definitely suggest copping the first two albums, which they released for free and you can download and streamed below.


  1. get on that SEATTLE tip, the new album. destroys all their cd's and a lot more, they said it should be up around new years on itunes or you can hit them up for a copy

  2. Honestly, I listened to Seattle and was disappointed. Their first two albums were good, but they've digressed to simple rhyme schemes and repetitive content. They haven't really taken any risks in order to progress as artists and that's probably the most disappointing part.
    With that being said, I still love their first two albums and they have the potential to get back there.

  3. for real? are we listenin to the same album, cuz damn. i feel like 'seattle' takes mad risks and the outcome is not only positive but a straight up evolution to the next stage. i see progression and growth in content (loosehugs, road less travelled, blackbear,comeback etc, they all get so personal and real), hella innovation in delivery styles (dream, the techno-y songs, and seattle/return of the jedi), crazysick rhyme schemes on stuff (like antilove, payback, seattle, boat can leave now, noah's ark), and even a more diverse range of content. i guess im just surprised youd dismiss the whole album. hah, i mean shit, to each his own though - dope shit up here on teh blog for sure, keep that up. i been diggin the reviews and tracks you've been postin, much love.
    fellow hiphophead in the nw

  4. There songs are like your in them, when you listen to em you just get lost in it! There amazing! You can tell they put heart and soul into there music just to get to where they are now!