Bobby Creekwater - "Hello World"

This is the first song from Bobby Creekwater that I have given a good listen to.  Although I have a few songs on my iTunes library from the ATL-based producer/emcee from Eminem Presents The Re-Up, I'll be the first to admit that I made that purchase more for the"Eminem Presents" of the title.

This track, released for free a few weeks ago, is one of the BEST I've heard in a while.  The boy goes hard over the Jay-Z beat "December 4th" (one of my favorite tracks off of The Black Album).  Creekwater's flow and delivery reminds me a little bit of Lil' Wayne with the exception that nearly every line oozes of lyrical dopeness and I may have broken my rewind button thinking, "did he really just say that?"  I don't want to ruin it for you, so I won't quote you every line I love from the song, but I love the ending where he delivers an inspired message to the (black) youth, which I love as a young wigga:

Don't just go hard, go harder/ Don't just be a mogul, be Shawn Carter/ Don't just ball out, nigga King James/ Or matter a fact Kobe Byrant when the rings came/ Don't just serve niggas, be Serena/ And don't get caught sleepin', nigga be a dreamer...This is no time for relaxin'/ Don't be great, nigga be Michael Jackson.

The Day It All Made $ense dropping this month.

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