Mike Posner - "First Date Sex"

Let me begin today's drop by stating that I am all for the diversification of hip hop.  I believe that no matter who you are, no matter your skin color of socioeconomic background, if you have the talent, drive, and passion to do something, you should be able to do it.  That being said, there is a difference between MCs who happen to also be white (EminemBeastie Boys, Kyle Lucas, Macklemore, Grynch, etc.) and white boy rap (Asher Roth, Vanilla Ice, Mike Posner).  White MCs spit in the tradition of hip hop while expanding and diversifying the industry.  White boy rap is typically commercialized, often party anthems, targeted specifically towards the largest consumer of hip hop in this country (Caucasians).  Although these rappers typically sell well, they are more often than not destined to be one hit wonders and sideshow attractions in the world that is hip hop.  Mike Posner is no different.  Coming out of the esteemed Duke UniversityPosner has gained a following at colleges.  Mikey P doesn't have that much depth lyrically (in fact, most of his lyrics border on atrocious), but that doesn't stop this track from being one of the most ridiculous(ly hilarious) songs I've ever heard (think "Orgasm = Love" mixed with "Birthday Sex").  It's much better than the original (though that isn't saying that much).

"I met Jay-Z and I'll tell you 'bout it if we have first date sex, first date sex (please don't make me wait girl)"
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Bobby Creekwater - "Hello World"

This is the first song from Bobby Creekwater that I have given a good listen to.  Although I have a few songs on my iTunes library from the ATL-based producer/emcee from Eminem Presents The Re-Up, I'll be the first to admit that I made that purchase more for the"Eminem Presents" of the title.

This track, released for free a few weeks ago, is one of the BEST I've heard in a while.  The boy goes hard over the Jay-Z beat "December 4th" (one of my favorite tracks off of The Black Album).  Creekwater's flow and delivery reminds me a little bit of Lil' Wayne with the exception that nearly every line oozes of lyrical dopeness and I may have broken my rewind button thinking, "did he really just say that?"  I don't want to ruin it for you, so I won't quote you every line I love from the song, but I love the ending where he delivers an inspired message to the (black) youth, which I love as a young wigga:

Don't just go hard, go harder/ Don't just be a mogul, be Shawn Carter/ Don't just ball out, nigga King James/ Or matter a fact Kobe Byrant when the rings came/ Don't just serve niggas, be Serena/ And don't get caught sleepin', nigga be a dreamer...This is no time for relaxin'/ Don't be great, nigga be Michael Jackson.

The Day It All Made $ense dropping this month.

DMX - "The Way It's Gonna Be"

Earl Simmons, better known as DMX (Dark Man X), is not a rapper known for his political activism or soulful songs, but at the end of the day he is the one rapper other than Ol' Dirty Bastard and Celph Titled who is guaranteed to make me laugh.  Few people realize that the New York MC, driven by his over the top aggressive personality, gravel voice, and comical lyrics is one of the most successful entertainers of all time.  He has sold 28 million albums worldwide and is the only artist ever who can claim that their first five albums debuted at #1 (his sixth album missed the top spot by only 100 sales).  I personally believe that X makes some of the best workout songs of all time (see "X Gon' Give It To Ya").  Though DMX is on the downslope of his career (maybe the result of a few too many B-movies, maybe the result of his audience no longer being shocked by anything he says), this song, which he leaked this May shows that he can still spit it like the X of old.  It's not particularly intelligent, but it's downright funny.

Kyle Lucas - "Wow, I Can Get Sexual Too (Remix)"

It's not often that white boy, Jewish rap hears the light of day, particularly when coming out of Georgia, the land of Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik (OutKast's debut album for those of you not in the know), Ludacris, T.I., and Crunk (thank you, Lil' Jon), but Kyle Lucas is proof of a fact that I love about hip hop, music, and America in general: that it doesn't matter what you look like or your background as long as you have the talent to do what you love.  The frontman/emcee for hip hop band Vonnegutt (which follows in the line of The Roots and Gym Class Heroes), Lucas is one of my three favorite up and coming solo emcees in the game today (the others being J. Cole and Jus Mic).

Lucas is heavily influenced by local legends (Vonnegutt was recently signed to Purple Ribbon, a label run by OutKast's Big Boi), but it is easy to see the influence greats such as Nas (Lucas remakes Nas' classic "If I Ruled the World (Imagine That)" on his mixtape Kyle Lucas is Still My Favorite) and pop-punk rock groups such as Say Anything (which he samples in this song).  At the end of the day, Lucas doesn't try to pretend to rap about things he has no experience with.  As he claims on "Jonny Quest Thinks Ima Sellout," he's "so hip hop in flip flops," and often raps about girls, his love of hip hop, pills, and, in this particular song, phone sex.  This song isn't the best example of his gift of gab, but it is seriously hilarious.  If you like what you hear, I'd definitely suggest copping his free 2008 2dopeboyz.com co-signed mixtape (link below).  You won't be disappointed as nearly every song is good both lyrically and production wise (and even the artwork cracks me up).

KnowMads - So It Goes. and Saturdayzed

The next twenty posts or so are meant to catch you up on what I've written on my e-mail blog thus far...
My debut entry features a group that I consider to be a hidden gem.  Maybe it's just because I'm a kid from North Seattle, but I consider this 206 trio's first two albums, So It Goes. and Saturdayzed, to be near classic status.  Their third album, The Rooftop, has some cuts, but is not as complete as the first two.  While the group has it's party anthems (check out the title track off of Saturdayzed, it cracks me up), they also show remorse over their lifestyle ("Happy Simples") and have several tracks regarding political activism ("Oh Well," "If").  On all of their songs, one thing remains constant: their humor, lyrical prowess, and dope samples.  For me, I love the opening track off of So It Goes. and definitely suggest copping the first two albums, which they released for free and you can download and streamed below.