Project Lionheart - "Light Up The Darkness" x "Heart of a Lion (rmx)" feat. Crooked I

I'm embarrassed to admit it, but I had not heard of this Seattle trio until they popped up on 2dbz yesterday.  In a city who's hip hop scene recognizes the more traditional hip hop acts like Blue Scholars, Dyme Def, and Common Market, this live hip hop band really hasn't gotten their due. Led by frontman Caleb Cunningham, PL combines politically conscious lyrics mixed with punk, reggae, and electronic influences.  They kind of remind me of part Linkin Park, part Fort Minor, part Rage Against the Machine (sans screaming).  I've included"Light Up The Darkness" and the Crooked I assisted remix of "Heart of a Lion" (not to be confused with the KiD CuDi track of the same name...both Cunningham and Crooked I kill their verses on this song), off of the re-release of their 2008 LP The Art of Resistance (dropping October 6th) along with two of my favorite tracks off of the original release.

Peace, Love, & Hip Hop,

Project Lionheart - "Light Up The Darkness"
Project Lionheart - "Heart of a Lion (rmx)" feat. Crooked I
Project Lionheart - "Clock is Ticking"
Project Lionheart - "The Way We Live"

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