Hip Hop Love Songs

(Kyle Lucas' Vonnegutt)
I apologize to the male contingency of my readership, but my better half is coming into town this weekend and I thought it would be applicable to drop some hip hop love songs for the LAAADIES (don't worry, I'll drop some songs at the end of the post to redeem my street rep).  On another note, be sure to comment and tell me what your favorite hip hop love songs of all time are...

1.) Vonnegutt - "Bright Eyes (Demo)" This song isn't the deepest lyrically by my boy Kyle Lucas.  In all honesty, it's just about a one night stand, but it's a very catchy, very fun song.  Be on the lookout for upcoming Vonnegutt projects with Big Boi, Kyle Lucas' It's Always Sunny In Marietta, and their proper debut Falling Up The Stairs.
2.) 50 Cent - "21 Questions" Oh, the days when 50 was good and generate sales off of beef...It's impossible to hate this song.  It's poppy as hell, but still impossible to hate.  I love you like a fat kid love cake/ You know my style, I'll say anything to make you smile.
3.) Travis McCoy - "Open Happiness" This song, which features the likes of Cee-Lo, Patrick Stump, and Janelle Monae, is almost annoyingly positive and is a tad on the lengthy side, but what the hell.
4.) Dyme Def - "OneStepAway" - The Seattle trio are some of the best storytellers in the game today and this song doesn't dissapoint.
5.) Jay-Z & Coldplay - "Miss Trouble" Off of Mick Boogie & Terry Urban's Viva La Hova, this is simply a classic collaboration.  He 2 ways so she writes back/ Smiley faces after all of her phrases/ Either she's the One or I'm caught in the Matrix/ But fuck it, let the Fish-Burne/ Red or green pill, you live and you learn.
6.) Cam'Ron - "Hey Ma" Another song that's impossible to hate...oh, back in the day when Cam and Dipset were doing their thing...
8.) Atmosphere - "Reflections" Slug makes some of the best songs about girls.  Most of them are straight fucked up and deal with his own psychology, but this is the exception.  The thing I like about Slug is that he's honest and you can feel who he is through his lyrics.  Enjoy this cut off of Seven's Travels.
9.) Blue Scholars - "Life & Debt" Of course Blue Scholars would make a love song centered around social issues.  Not that I'm complaining, I love this song off of their self-titled debut.
10.) Abyssinian Creole - "Crushes Heaven" Macklemore drops by for a verse that'll take you back to the elementary/middle school days of passed notes to the effect of:
Do You Like Me?
[ ] YES
[ ] NO
11.) Ludacris - "Pimpin' All Over The World" Who ever said a love song had to be devoted to one person.  This ATL legend devoted this song to his many female fans and the results are classic.
12.) J. Cole - "Lights Please" - Not a love song, but a beautiful song that displays the blinding effects of *love*
13.) Big Pun - "Still Not A Player" No words are neccessary to explain this classic.
14.) Jay-Z - "All Around The World" feat. LaToiya Williams This is another song that reminds me a lot of "Pimpin' All Over The World"
15.) Red Cafe feat. Ray Lavender - "Them Lips" I think the title of this song is pretty self-explanatory
16.) The Physics - "Good" I've explained in a previous post why this song is straight up clownin'.
These last three songs are for the fellas to redeem myself:
17.) Kyle Lucas feat. Say Anything - "Wow, I Can Get Sexual Too (Remix)" The guy raps about phone sex.  'Nuff said.
18.) Mike Posner - "First Date Sex" Mikey P is atrocious lyrically, but this song cracks me up.
19.) Ghostface Killah - "Stapleton Sex" Listener beware, this song is basically porn set to music and is not for younger ears or the faint of heart.

Peace, Hip Hop & Love,

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