What's Beef? Evidently, T-Pain vs. Jay-Z

T-Pain's losing it a bit...check this vid from earlier today:

Now check this interview T-Pain had with MTV not so long ago...

A little hypocritical?  I think so...I'm not sure why T-Pain is calling out a legend like Hov.  Well, that's not true, Jay-Z is killing the demand for Auto-Tune, but starting beef with Jay has never been an advisable thing to do. Jay destroyed Prodigy on "Takeover" and nearly buried Nas on the same song. In fact, the only rapper who has come out better due to beef with Jay has been Nas (their beef revitalized his commercial career and revitalized both artists' lyrical content). Let me know what you think of this situation.

[As a bonus, I threw in Biggie's classic "What's Beef?" haha]

Beef is when I see you,
Guaranteed to be in ICU

Peace, Love?, & Hip Hop,

The Notorious B.I.G. - "What's Beef?"

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