Gerald Walker's Evening Out With Your Girlfriend

UPDATE: I've attatched the bonus version, which includes the same mixtape and three bonus GW tracks.

I've been hyping this illroots/2dopeboyz mixtape/album for past month now and it's good to hear it live up to expectations.  The Milwaukee emcee is on of the most ridiculously funny lyricists I've ever heard is the owner of a voice and delivery that is distinctly Gerald Walker (despite some misinformed interweb-heads who compared him to Drake solely because of his last song...see the discussion board here).  This mixtape continues GW's trend of lengthy, hilarious titles and even more ridiculous lyrics with punk rock influences (I've attached his remix of the song "Roxanne" with the Knux as a bonus).  Guests range from Add-2 to Matt & Kim to The Arctic Monkeys.  All of the songs are good, but I'll single out the Add-2 assisted "Your Mother Made Me Change The Name of this Song So Your Father Wouldn't Realize Who It's About" and "Half of Life is Getting Fucked Up, The Other Half is Dealing With It" as the highlights of the nine track album.  Enjoy.

Don't Tell me what you ain't gonna do,
Cuz dem jeans look better when they ain't on you.


1) Your Mother Made Me Change the Name of This Song So Your Dad Wouldn’t Realize who It was about f. Add-2
2) Make It Funky
3) Half of Life is Fucking Up, The Other Half is Dealing With It
4) Baby, You Ain’t Kidding f. Matt & Kim
5) Love|Hate f. Ay?
6) Seven (Interlude) f. The Hush Sound
7) You Don’t Pay a Prostitute for Sex, You Pay a Prostitute to Leave When You’re Done f. The Arctic Monkeys
8) Living My Life
9) Get Your Money

Peace, Love, & Punk/Hop,
Neophile Noah

Gerald Walker's Evening Out With Your Girlfriend (Bonus Version)
[BONUS] Gerald Walker - "Roxanne (Remix)" feat. The Knux

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