Gerald Walker - "Reality is An Illusion That Occurs Due to the Lack of Alcohol"

Typically I'll download a song based on the reputation of the artist, featured emcees, or producer.  Never before have I downloaded a song solely based on the title.  But when this song from the Wisconsin emcee popped up on a couple days ago I had to check it out.  To my pleasant surprise, the song, off of his upcoming mixtape Gerald Walker's Evening Out With Your Girlfriend (dropping September 8th), is straight fire.  To give you a preview, here's one of the lines he drops near the end of the track:

Sorry, I don't need your help,
Cuz I'm high off trees like a Keebler Elf.
I tried to go to rehab, but I lit a ganga,
And went back to getting smacked,
You can call me Rihanna.

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