Dyme Def - "LetitBe" and "Fresh2Def"

I'm sorry for dropping two Seattle groups two days in a row.  I typically try and diversify my posts, but I'm going to see this group in a matter of hours and cannot contain my excitement.  For those of you in Seattle, I definitely suggest checking out the show at the Mural Ampitheater at Seattle Center.  The show with Fresh Espresso begins at 5 this evening.

Dyme Def is an up and coming trio out of Renton, Washington (a town just to the south of Seattle's downtown).  The 206 natives are gaining a lot of hype in the underground and have done songs with the likes of OneBeLo and Saigon.  Comprised of Fearce Villain, S.E.V., and Brainstorm, unlike many hip hop trios, Dyme Def has no weak link and each member feeds off the others, bringing an energy and lyrical prowess to match the incredibly dope beats designed primarily by Seattle legend BeanOne (with some additional production coming from Brainstorm).  The trio doesn't sound like anything from the Northwest, a region generally associated with the Backpack-rap of Blue Scholars and Common Market, or for that matter the rest of the world.

Their 2007 debut album, appropriately named Space Music, blends futuristic beats with dope lyricism and is my fourth favorite hip hop album of all time (behind only Reasonable DoubtEnter the Wu-Tang, and Illmatic).  The group also released their free 3BadBrothaaas Mixtape last year which I considered to be better than most of the albums released in 2008.  And have released a number a free singles which you can find by searching them at 2dopeboyz.com (check "FreshInMyKicks" and "Dreamin'" and "Not Even Jets Can Fly" as well as their No Beat is Safe series).

These two tracks come off of their debut album and I feel like they represent Dyme Def.  "Fresh2Def" is a dope track with futuristic beats with lyrics that simply oozes of the swagger associated with the group while "LetitBe" (over an interpolated Beatles track) is one of my favorite songs of all time and is a heartfelt song about many of life's toughest times.

If you like what you here, Dyme Def's debut album and recent EP-1 PANIC release can both be purchased both on iTunes/Amazon/CD Baby.  I don't normally push the purchasing of music and will continue to avoid doing so, but I also love supporting good hip hop and hope you feel the same way.



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