Jay-Z - "Reminder" (Prod. Timbaland) X (Bonus) "Brooklyn's Finest" feat. The Notorious B.I.G.

Props to NMC for the premier of this track.  Sounds like yet another classic Jay song subpar Timbaland beat that even J-Hova can't salvage...I'll let you judge for yourselves.  I wasn't that big a fan of the Drake track, but I'll wait to judge B3 until I actually hear the album.  Can't wait for the track with J. Cole...

Update: To salvage this post, I've attached a certified classic Jay-Z track that the hip hop heads who have followed his entire career.  "Brooklyn's Finest" is off of Jigga's seminal album Reasonable Doubt (an album that I personally hold to be the greatest hip hop LP of all time).  I feel bad picking this song, because I really feel that Doubt is meant to be experienced as a total.  Even though the individual songs are amazing, it's one of those rare albums where the total is greater than the sum of its parts.  I picked this song because it displays a young Jay-Z still able to hold his own against Biggie, arguebly the greatest of all time, in his prime.  And it's not as though Biggie goes easy.

I personally believe that "Brooklyn's Finest" may actually be the example of Christopher Wallace at his finest.  The song is one of those rare, classic collaborations in hip hop history and sounds as though each rapper feeds off of each other (even though Biggie, in actuality, recorded his lyrics a couple months after Jay).  I like to compare this track to Jay's track "Renegades" with Eminem because a lot of people claim that Em killed Hova on his own shit, though I feel that they both provide two of the best verses of the career and are on par with each other.  Just my opinion though.  Tell me what you think.

Peace, Love, & Hova,
Notorious Noah

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