Gerald Walker - "Ready To Go" x "To Bob Ross With Love" feat. Gym Class Heroes

Before I call it a night as far a blogging is concerned.  I just received this new Gerald Walker song that I thought all of you would appreciate.  Definitely some more high quality from the Wisco artist who is quickly becoming one of my favorite up and coming artists in the game.  The Atmosphere line cracks me up.  Gerald Walker's Evening Out With Your Girlfriend drops September 8th (fo' free!!!).  Mark your calenders.  UPDATE: added the Gym Class assisted-track to post as a bonus, it's from a while ago, but it's still good.

I'm livin' by the words that Atmosphere told,
Now When Life Hands You Lemons, Go And Paint That Shit Goooold!

"Ready to Go"

"To Bob Ross With Love"

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