XV feat. El Prez – “Please, Hold”

The middle of the country is stereotypically known for nothing more than the location where our food is grown and the space it takes up between the left and right coasts (Seriously, when is the last time you heard of something cool going down in Kansas?).  Enter Donavan Johnson, better known by his stage name XV.  Johnson, a Kansas emcee, has garnered a large underground following over the past couple years, releasing several relatively high quality mixtapes, amoung them The Square in the CirclePlease, Hold and Everybody’s Nobody.

The thing I like about XV is that he doesn’t quite fit into any stereotype normally associated with rappers.  He’s not a hipster, but he’s not a gangster.  He’s not a baller, but he’s not a conscious rapper either.  The guy just raps about what he knows, which often happens to be comics, video games, movies, sneakers, and porn.

This song is the title track off of Please, Hold and deals with XV’s frustration at the music industry’s disregard for underground artists (particularly himself).  The track itself is solid lyrically and the line, “I was born (Bourne) with this Identity, call me Matt Damon,” always cracks me up.  Enjoy.

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