Jus Mic - "Trying to Get My Hip Hop On"

As I mentioned in my previous post, Jus Mic is one of my three favorite up and coming solo emcees (the others being Kyle Lucas and J. Cole).  The Cleveland MC has recieved props from a lot of greats and released a free self-titled mixtape last year co-signed by Mick Boogie and Terry Urban (the geniuses behind the Adele 1988 and Viva La Hova mash-ups).

This is one of my favorite mixtapes I've ever heard.  Jus Mic brings great lyrical talent, spitting about everything from lunchroom recruiting and gentrification (Jus begins "Politics As Usual," a remake of a classic Jay-Z Reasonable Doubt-era track, with an applicable quote from Malcolm X), to girls "You'll Never Know," to rhyming inside the head of a school shooter "Last Day of School" (a hauntingly beautiful track).  The production team of Mick Boogie and Terry Urban compliment Jus Mic's lyrics and flow perfectly with samples from everything from Jay-Z ("Politics As Usual"), to Mims ("Confessions"), to Lupe ("Day Dreamin"), to Queen ("Talk to the People Jus").

The mixtape isn't without it's flaws.  "Kill You," a track which feel like an out of place, worse version of Eminem's "Kim" or "'97 Bonnie & Clyde," is a skippable track, but it's positives more than outweigh this weakspot.  Gems include "Talk To The People Jus," "If I Had It My Way," the short, but sweet "Confessions," "Politics As Usual," and my favorite track, the closing "Tell Me Where The Truth Is."  I would definitely suggest downloading the album (link above), especially if you like this track (not on the album, but a good example of Jus as an emcee).

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  1. Thank you. I always appreciate the support and am glad just to reach people and share good music with them.