Brainstorm (Dyme Def) - Say You Will (Kanye Cover) [Video]

I recently rediscovered this video from Dyme Def member Brainstorm.  The thing I like about this video, courtesy of 800LB, is that it's beautiful in it's simplicity.  It isn't flashy, and only involves Brain rapping while a projector displays images in the backdrop.  Unlike the more costly that distract you from the lyrics, this video only further emphasizes the lyrics all the more (I have a hard time thinking of the lyrics of this song with out the visual of the video).  Coming from Seattle, I appreciate the closing seconds with the Kingdome demolition.  As far as the lyrics go, Brain kills it.  Easily better than Kanye.  The only version that I think comes close the be remix by Drake.

Peace, Love, & Hip Hop,

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