Asher Roth and Ludacris - "I Love College Remix"

(I don't think I've ever see a photo that better matched a person's character)
I wouldn't go so far as to say I hate Asher Roth.  I would say that I am annoyed by this sideshow attraction.  Still, I'll give him credit, "I Love College," one hit wonder or not, is still a classic party song and the Luda verse almost makes me feel better about myself for listening to Roth (but then again, I nearly always love Ludacris guest verses).  I thought it would be appropriate as many of us, including myself, start to filter off to our assorted schools.

Even though I didn't finish,
I need my balls tossed like I'm at the line of scrimmage,
Blue 52, said 'Hike' on you hoes,
Eating everything in sight, like a dyke on you hoes.
-Chris "Ludacris" Bridges

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