Drake – “The Search feat. Saukrates”

I’m unsure what to think of Aubrey Drake Graham.  The Toronto Rapper/Singer/Actor, better known as Drake is an unbelievable talent, but it’s what he has chosen to do with it and will choose to do with it that scares me.

Drake has the potential to be great and has already started to become a proven commercial commodity with hits like “Best I Ever Had” (the video for this song is absolutely ridiculous) and “Successful.”  But on his debut mixtape So Far Gone, Drake often relies to heavily on Auto-Tune and I am hesitant as to how the influence of Lil’ Wayne and often-collaborator and Gay Fish Kanye West will affect him.

Will Drake turn into a solely mindless pop artists like the company he is keeping (“Unstoppable,” “Digital Girl”), or will he continue to put out songs like “Say What’s Real” and this song with Saukrates that is one of the best I’ve heard in the past month (Drake murders this track, particularly on the first verse).  Drake has such great potential as a singer/emcee/lyricist, but I've seen a lot of emcees with great potential squander it in search of money and fame (See said Gay Fish).  Check it.

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