Jay-Z - "99 Problems" x "Allure"

So I started streaming the Jay-Z concert at MSG right at the end of this song and it probably broke my heart not to see it in it's entirety.  This song is simply an anthem that, even if you don't like hip hop (in which case, what are you doing on this site?), it's nearly impossible for you not to have heard.  As a young wigga from North Seattle, I fulfill my job description by knowing each and every word by heart.  I may or may not be reciting the second verse (the best one) to myself right now.  One of the standout tracks on The Black Album, an album which, to be completely honest, is impossible to stand out on because each and every song is classic (first album I memorized each and every lyric to).  God, I'm pissed I missed this song...okay, now I feel better, because he's playing "Allure," another of my favorite songs of the album.

Peace, Love, & Hova,
Nostalgic Noah

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