Macklemore - "And WE Danced"

Another track off of Macklemore's upcoming "The Unplanned Mixtape," which hasn't been released yet on the internet, but if someone was at Bumbershoot this weekend and picked up a physical copy (I couldn't, seeing as I'm on the wrong coast...), I would be eternally grateful to anyone who can hook me up with a .zip file of it.  This track is an interesting turn for Macklemore...It doesn't sound that much like typical hip hop and it kinda reminds me of Franz Ferdinand mixed with that Vampire play from Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

UPDATE: Macklemore just posted the mixtape on his blog.  You can order it for $5 via paypal.  Limited copies remain.

Peace, Love, & Hip Hop?

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  1. This link also leads to At The Party
    Could you please put up the link to And We Danced?