Rockie - "New Chapter" X "Yo" X "Rockie Fresh"

Over the past decade, Chicago has risen to one of the premier breeding grounds for aspiring emcees.  Though Common (Sense) held it down for the city in the 90's, it wasn't until Kanye West hit it big with The College Dropout in 2004 that the scene began to explode.  Kanye's success opened the door for new acts like Lupe Fiasco (who made his mainstream debut on West's sophomore album), Kidz In The Hall, Add-2, and Kid Sister to have mainstream success, while introducing Twista and Common to a broader audience.

Enter Rockie, a young emcee looking to be the next big thing out of the Windy City.  I've been thoroughly impressed by what I've heard from the kid so far.  Rockie possesses a flow that sounds incredibly natural and backs them up with great lyrics and beats to match.  "New Chapter" is the best thing I've heard this week (sorry Macklemore) and appropriately marks a new page for the Chi-Town hip hop scene.  Judging by what I've heard, he has the potential to be something great.  Rockie's Modern Life drops December 15th.  Enjoy.

Peace, Love, & Hip Hop,
Newly Noah

"New Chapter"
"Rockie Fresh"

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