What's In Rotation, Vol. III: New Chapter

The third installment of the thatsthat series.  I'm gonna give you guys fair warning in advance, but the next couple weeks are going to be hectic school-wise, but I'm going to keep posting when I have the time so keep checking in.  As always, I appreciate the support.  Hit the jump for the tracklist/link:

Peace, Love, & Hip Hop,
Hard Knocks Noah

01) Rockie - "New Chapter" (One of the best songs I've heard over the past couple months)
02) Jay-Z - "Thank You" (There wasn't anyway The Blueprint 3 wasn't going to be a disappointment with the hype placed on it, but this song is undeniably good).
03) Cymarshall Law feat. DJ JS-1 - "Harder Than Thou" (Guy just goes hard on the track)
04) Henok Achido - "Fly Fresh" (I originally heard the XV remix of this song that I featured on the last mixtape, but the production is so good that I had to bring up the original version)
05) Lupe Fiasco - "Fireman (Yoga Flame)" (Rest in peace to rap?/ No, rest in peace to wackness)
06) Juelz Santana feat. Yelawolf - "Mixing Up the Medicine" (not that much here content-wise, but dammit if it isn't catchy)
07) Dyme Def - "Nothing Is Impossible" (a rare track off of the group's Sport 'n Life Demo)
08) J. Cole - "Shook" (This is the verse that got me hooked on J. Cole.  At the end of the day, the guy's just the hungriest rapper in the game today and that's what separates him from the other talented emcees in his class.)
09) The Roots - "How I Got Over" (I'll always go for new Roots.  How I Got Over is going to be amazing)
10) O.C. & A.G. - "Keep It Going" (I'm sorry to say, but this is the first song I heard from these underrated NY emcees.  Oasis dropped last month)
11) Bobby Creekwater - "Hello World" (This was the anthem to my summer.  BC gets it in.)
12) Atmosphere - "Sunshine" (One of Slug and Ant's most beautiful songs.
13) Mike Dreams feat. Christina Fisher - "We Goin' Worldwide" (again, I regret sleeping on this artist.  Don't make the same mistake I did)
14) Jeru The Damanja - "You Can't Stop the Prophet (Pete Rock Remix)"
15) The New Deal - "Untouchable" (Off of the group's very solid debut.  The group brings a great energy to this and nearly every track they hop on.)
16) Grynch feat. Sonny Bohono - "Memory Lane" (had to bring it back to this NW classic)
17) XV - "Bad News (Nobody's Somebody)" (As much as I disliked 808s & Heartbreak, I'll give Kanye credit as the super producer that he is.  When emcees actually rap over the instrumentals/beats, they create very good songs.  No need to look any further than Dahlak's Commencement or Bobby Creekwater's "Farewell".  On this track off of the (2)dope Everybody's Nobody, the Kansas emcee kills the "Bad News" instrumental)
18) Jus Mic - "Last Day of School" (Jus Mic is an incredibly talented emcee that people need to stop sleeping on.  This track, off of his free album with Mick Boogie and Terry Urban, is tragically beautiful, taking us inside the head of a high school shooter)
19) Ice Cube - "It Was A Good Day" (No words would suffice to describe this hip hop classic.  It speaks for itself)
20) Macklemore & Ryan Lewis - "Irish Celebration" (Mack's been killing it lately.  Word is the full VS. project will be online sometime tomorrow)

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