Juelz Santana & Yelawolf - "Mixing Up the Medicine"

I'm a huge fan of hip hop/rock collabs when they're pulled off well.  Mixtapes like The Grey Album, OJAYZIS, and Yoshima Battles the Hip-Hop Robots, have provided some of the more enjoyable listens I've had over the years.  Enter Yelawolf, a white trash hick from Gadsden, Alabama that goes against every stereotypical image of the prototypical emcee.  Yelawolf's music, as showcased by his 2008 mixtape Stereo, combines hip hop sensibilities with rock and roll attitude (and samples).  Stereo is composed entirely of Yelawolf rhyming over classic rock samples.  Definitely worth checking out for those of you who, like me, are fans of mash-ups.

Peace, Love, & Hip Hop/Rock,


  1. Hey bro he's from Gadsden, AL and not Georgia! I am from Gadsden and he's a hell of a lot more than a "white trash hick." He's just a white boy who grew up in a ghetto area here and absorbed some of that southern black culture while still staying with his white roots. He is well known around town as the artist who created a really beautiful piece of graffiti artwork on Tuscaloosa Ave. and, in doing so, beautified a formerly ugly concrete wall there in the ghetto. He's got a bit of a hometown hero thing going for him here in Gadsden, even amongst groups you wouldn't suspect, due to his generally good reputation around town. I listened to his music with a critical ear and was pleasantly surprised. It's different, and new, and generally pretty damn good. I'm impressed and I can't help but join in with those who are rooting for him and hoping he makes it big.

  2. Sorry for the late edit...totally slipped my mind... I knew he was from Alabama, but for some reason I had Georgia on my mind... I don't think he's a white trash hick, especially with the high quality of his music, that's just the image he portrays himself as to the national public.

    For the record, I'm rooting for him too, otherwise I wouldn't have given him shine on the blog. Thanks for checking in and keeping me honest though.