The Notorious B.I.G. & Miley Cyrus - "Party & Bullshit In The USA"

Every time I hear this song I die a little bit inside.  The reason I post this song isn't to share my misery, but rather to make a point about how much Biggie's legacy has been tainted by these posthumous collaborations with artist he never would have collaborated with if still among us (same goes for 2Pac).  It is more than fair for you to point out that Biggie was an emcee who had more mass appeal than any rapper of all time (other than perhaps the modern Jay-Z), but this remix is utterly absurd and doesn't even mash the two well.  I'll give Ms. Cyrus credit.  She is a very successful artist and "Party In the USA" appeals to the 12-year-girl inside of me as much as I would prefer to say otherwise, but Biggie wasn't purely a pop artist, and came with a message that no rapper other than 2Pac has matched (see "Juicy").  It saddens me to see people profiting off Biggie's name like this.


"Party & Bullshit In The USA"


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