Dyme Def - "Say You Will" X "Crazy" X "Dreamin'" X "PutTheBeatInaSling"

So my day just got a whole lot better.  As a prelude to their Sex Tape EP (release date 12/15), my favorite group has announced that they will be dropping the DJ Scene-hosted Do Something Mixtape on December 10th (a few songs from Sex Tape will be featured on the mixtape).  Hit the link for the artwork/tracklist for Sex Tape as well as four of the better tracks DD has released over the past year.

Peace, Love, & Dyyyyyyyme Def,

01) I Got You
02) Timeless
03) Do Something
04) All Night Long (feat. Spaid)
05) First Time (feat. Spaid)
06) Do It Better
07) Anecdote
08) Rockin' The Boat
09) Wet Dreams (feat. Spaid)
10) La Bamba
11) Light Switch

Brainstorm - "Say You Will" (the mp3 file for the very dope video)

Dyme Def - "Crazy"

Dyme Def - "Dreamin'"

Dyme Def - "PutTheBeatInaSling" (Prod. Bean One)

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