Brainstorm (Dyme Def) - "Mafia Music Freestyle" [No Beat Is Safe]

I apologize to my daily readership that I haven't been more frequent with my posts the past couple days.  School/crew has been hitting me pretty hard and the gf is coming into town this weekend, so I've been concerned with other things.

Anyway, here's the latest cut off of Dyme Def's No Beat Is Safe series in which they rhyme over other people's beats (they've been taking suggestions via twitter).  In this edition, Brain raps over Officer Ricky's finest.  I've also included the three previous cuts from the series (so far, my favorite is "Bang It Out", but "Kinda Like A Big Deal" comes close).  Sex Tape EP dropping this winter...

Peace, Love, & Dyyyyyyme Def,

Previous: Dyme Def - "Freshinmykicks"

Brainstorm - "Mafia Music"

Dyme Def - "RedRum"

Fearce Villain - "Kinda Like A Big Deal"

Brainstorm - "Bang It Out"

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