Wu-Tang Clan - "Triumph" x 1992 Demo Tape

This song is an example of why I'm a huge Wu-Stan.  Rare for a single, it has no chorus, just classic verses from 8 of the 9 original members (and one by Cappadonna) and an intro by ODB.  Instead of a hook, the track relied purely on lyrical skill and epic beat to propell itself into hip hop lore (I may or may not know every lyric).  The track comes off of the groups sophomore LP and simply goes as proof of why Wu in their prime were on top of the game.  I've also included a rare pre-36 Chambers Demo Tape that I came across earlier today (not their best stuff, but a piece of hop hop history none the less).  Enjoy.

Peace, Love, & Wu,
Ghostface Noah

Wu-Tang 1992 Demo Tape

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