XV - "Nevermind" X "Now Jump" X "50 First Dates" X "Lights Please Remix" w/ J. Cole

Congrats to XV and J. Cole for making XXL's 2010 Freshman Class (Update: the list's authenticity has been brought into question, but considering the buzz around both artists, I'd be willing to bet that both end up making it).  Both are definitely well deserved, though I'm not sure I agree with some of their fellow classmates (I'm looking at you Nipsey Hussle).  Here are a couple of Vizzy's latest tracks including his production credit on the "Lights Please Remix" (I personally prefer the original version, but I'm unsure of whether that's because I heard it first or not).  I've said it before, I'll say it again: I really haven't heard a bad song from either emcee and they deserve all the success they'll achieve.

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