Gerald Walker & Slot-A - "Its All Fun And Games Until We Take Your Girlfriend And Your Manhood's Compromised"

It's been a while since we checked in with Chicago rapper Gerald Walker.  We last saw him dropping Gerald Walker's Evening Out With Your Girlfriend, one of the better mixtapes of the year, which blended punk rock with hip hop sensibilities.  As with other GW songs, this one continues a trend of ridiculous titles.  On this one, he hooks up with Chicago producer/emcee Slot-A for a track that sounds surprisingly different soundwise that what I'm used to from Walker.  It still has all the witty lines that have made him one of the most humorous emcees in my book, but something about the intrumental isn't quite vibing with me, at least in the same way that songs like "Reality is an Illusion that Occurs Due to the Lack of Alcohol" did.  Tell me what you think.

Peace, Love, & Hip Hop,
Nascent Noah

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