Kidz In The Hall - "We At It Again"

As much as I dislike the direction that KITH has taken since their debut, I'll admit that this song is the cut.  It comes off of The Professional Leisure Tour, the free album that successfully blends the content of School Was My Hustle with the pop aspects of their sophomore album The In Crowd.  It's not solid all the way through (it has "Jukebox" yeah...), but I'm not going to complain as long as it's free.  Double-0's production has steadily improved (and was one of the bright spots of The In Crowd) while Naledge is a clever wordsmith who weaves an SAT vocabulary into his rhymes.  A huge difference between PLT and their last project is the distinct lack of guest appearance.  Aside from two tracks, their are no featured artists other than Chicago duo (as opposed to The In Crowd, which only had one track without a feature).  It's a solid project overall and I recommend the download.  It gives me hope that the UPenn grads will be able to turn it around for their third album, Land of the Make Believe, set to be released February 23.

Peace, Love, & Ivy League Rap?
Nerdy Noah

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