Ludacris - "Ludacrismas"

 There aren't many (good) Christmas songs in the hip hop genre.  Though none will ever live up to Adam Sandler's "Santa Song," Ludacris' 2007 song of holiday cheer certainly gives it a run for it's money.  Originally written for the Fred Claus soundtrack, "Ludacrismas" is probably the best Xmas themed rap song of all time as Luda certainly puts an interesting twist on "Here Comes Santa Claus" (The song itself became the title of one of my favorite 30 Rock episodes).

Kick back and just chill like a player would do,
Remix all the Christmas carols then I play 'em for you.

Peace, Love, & Merry Ludacrismas,
Naughty By Noah

Ludacris - "Ludacrismas"
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