Jus Mic - "Last Day of School" X "Tell Me Where The Truth Is" X "Miss You"

I originally posted my review (and download link) of this Cleveland artist's mixtape back in early August, but I wanted to bring this back up to the top for those of you who may have missed/slept on him.  Coming with the Mick Boogie co-sign, this mixtape is one of the best projects I've heard in years and propelled Jus Mic up my list of favorite up and coming emcees.

I've posted two of my favorite tracks from the album, "Last Day of School" (a hauntingly beautiful track produced by The Kickdrums) and the powerful closing track "Tell Me Where the Truth Is" (produced by Charlie Brown," as well as the bonus track "Miss You" that he released recently.

Don't sleep on this talented emcee.  He has the potential to go places and, with the content he raps about, hip hop could use more rappers like Jus Mic.  The way the hip hop scene is going in Cleveland, he's in great place to propel his career. Update: I re-uploaded the entire Jus Mic mixtape for download.

Peace, Love, & Hip Hop,
New School Noah

"Miss You":
Jus Mic:

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