The Physics - "Coronas On Madrona"

I originally posted this song as a part of The Physics' Three Piece, but with summer in the Northwest fast approaching, I wanted to give "Coronas On Madrona" its proper shine. The sun has been peeking out today, giving us a preview of the 70 degrees, no humidity, gorgeous days of Seattle summer that we can expect for the next 3-4 months in the Upper Left.

Almost every song in The Physics' discography is a summer gem meant to be played this time of year. From "Good" to "I Heart Beer" to "These Moments" to "Skylines," nearly every song is a laid-back, soulful masterpiece that can immediately bring you back home. "Coronas" is one of the group's very best and ended up making the final cut for our 64-song Seattle hip hop bracket.

Whether your sipping on a Corona at a Madrona BBQ, Red Hook/Elysium on Capitol Hill, or a quality imported brew at Brouwer's in Fremont, it's a quintessential Seattle anthem meant to be enjoyed on an idyllic Northwest summer afternoon.


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