Blue Scholars - "The Long March"

Quick post today. Since I'm prepping for job interviews, I figured it would be appropriate to post the title-track off Geo and Sabzi's second album. The Long March EP is probably my favorite Scholars project (sorry Bayani, you came close). I'm a huge proponent of EPs because they tend to cut down on lesser filler tracks, leaving listeners with the crème de la crème.

The Long March is no different and I bumped it constantly when I first acquired it back in 2005. A lot of tracks from the EP barely missed the cut for our Seattle Tournament Bracket and for a while I knew every single lyric to every single song (I've got to shout out to the beautiful, haunting "La Botella" tale). Give me a couple spins through the thirty-five minute EP and it all comes back to me.

When I introduce people to the Scholars, I point to this criminally underrated EP first and Bayani second. Lyrically, it may be Geologic/Prometheus Brown at his finest with his fieriest revolutionary rhetoric. Production wise, it's a beautiful blend of the golden age horns that Sabzi was using on Common Market and the sound he had used on the Scholar's self-titled debut (marking a transition before the synth-filled sound of Bayani).

The EP is further proof of why these blue collar scholars are the kings of smart, political rap from Renton to Shoreline. The Seattle shoutout song "Cornerstone" (206 rock rock on) followed by this song about labor grind was the perfect way to start out The Long March and it continued from there. Enjoy and left right, left keep marching on.

Peace, Love, & Hip Hop,
No Days Off Noah

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