The Clipse - "Mama I'm Sorry" x "Mr. Me Too" (feat. Pharrell)

In the past, I've written that you have to be in a particular mood to listen this Virginia Beach duo. Their beats (courtesy of The Neptunes) are generally too slow for parties or working out while their lyrics and presence remain too vicious for relaxing.  But since moving back to a city where I do most commuting by car, I've discovered the perfect time and place to bump them.

As a white boy, The Clipse is the perfect to music when you're trying to get your Michael Boltin on. I have no shame in saying Hell Hath No Fury has been a constant part of my commute. It's a classic album, meant to be enjoyed while driving around.

Theoretically, the group's fourth studio album, As God As My Witness, should drop sometime later this year after Malice and Pusha T each release solo projects, but early-to-mid 2014 seems like a more likely release date. Until then, we can sit back and enjoy their classics.

While "We Got It For Cheap" remains my favorite song off HHNF, these two tracks follow in close succession. Both tracks are superb representations of the duo's bravado and presence. "Mr. Me Too" sees Malice and Pusha addressing copycat rappers over the crispest of Neptunes instrumentals while "Mama I'm So Sorry" has one of my favorite Pusha-delivered verses and is essentially a song of one-liner after one-liner. Enjoy.

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