Fleeta Partee - "Sincerely Yours" (prod. BeanOne)

This track actually dates back a couple years to when the Central District rapper was still with Sportn' Life and still going by Big Partee. Still, it doesn't get the shine that it deserves in Seattle because a.) not many people know what a Fleeta/Big Partee is and b.) most people didn't bother to cop the YukTheWorld Posts from BeanOne's BandCamp. This undiscovered gem is well worth the price of admission (free.99) and I recommend downloading the entire project. As a bonus, I've included a Fearce Villain track from the same post.

Peace, Love, & The 6,
Netcoholic Noah

Big Partee - "Sincerely Yours" (prod. BeanOne)

Fearce Villain - "Speed Limit" (prod. BeanOne)

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  1. Partee is Seattle's best kept secret. Ill AF. Fearce kills it as always. Bean remains as one of my favorite local producers.