Introducing... ThisIsTheCarver

It's a great day for I'm excited to introduce ThisIsTheCarver as a new writer for the site. As you know, thatsthatish is my baby and I've been hesitant to relinquish any form of creative control of the blog. I wouldn't add Carver if I didn't admire his impeccable taste in music, excellent writing, and unique perspective.

Back in the day, Carver was the person who introduced me to Mobb Deep, KnowMads, and the impressive collection of hip hop available for free.99 at Seattle's Public Libraries. I returned the favor by introducing him to Dyme Def, Grynch, and J. Cole.

In a way, he's been here since the inception of the site as the blog was born out of a daily e-mail chain that I wrote for my friends. He's also been a willing victim quality control listener for early versions of my last few mixtapes before the refined product arrives for you people (so blame him, not me).

I'm excited to see what Carver brings to thatsthatish and please join me in welcoming him to the site. Make sure to follow him on Twitter and spam him about his superb taste in music, writing, or boyish good looks.

Peace, Love, & Hip Hop,

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