Cam'Ron - "Hey Ma" (feat. Juelz Santana)

Hip hop is beautiful in its reflection of life. It has its political tracks, its songs about the stress, the poverty, and the problems of this world that its music shines light on and tries to change. Songs like "All Falls Down," "Dear Mama," and "LetitBe" that tell beautiful tales that connect with listeners on a deep, profound level.

But, like life, hip hop can't be serious all the time. It has its Beasties and its ODBs, artists who's pure joy comes through in all their music. It has its "Gold Diggers," "Just A Friends," and "21 Questions"--songs that, when played, garner an immediate smile from anyone in the nearby vicinity.

"Hey Ma" by Dipset rappers Cam'Ron and Juelz Santana is no different. It's simultaneously one of my favorite summer tracks (along with "Ride Wit Me," "Good," and several others) and favorite "welcome to the weekend songs." The one-two punch of "Ride Wit Me"-"Hey Ma" has been scientifically proven to be lethal and has been a staple of any party playlists since I first got an iPod (it should be noted that the one-two-three shot of "The Boogie That Be"-"Ride Wit Me"-"Hey Ma" has been classified as a weapon of mass destruction in Mexico, the UK, and Zanzibar and is not to be trifled with lightly).

Anyway, I present the perfect weekend song for the perfect pre-summer weekend here in the Upper Left. Enjoy.

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