Kidz In The Hall - "Wheelz Fall Off" x "Day By Day/We Almost Lost"

In high school I was most talkative
Now I'm most decadent
Flow heaven sent
Laced intelligent
Your's irrelevant
Hot like fire cooler then peppermint
Still benevolent
Rose gold necklace
You was left negligent
Case closed, no settlement or arraignment
Spit for my sanity not for entertainment
Never on some lame shit
Lean to the left y'all on the same shit
Imitate the same hit
You think that's dope I say hardly
Don't listen to radio singled out like McCarthy
Trying to be the black McCartney

Kidz In The Hall may be the only group that I know of that has gotten worse and worse with each subsequent release, but that doesn't make their debut, School Was My Hustle, any less of a sneaky classic. From the fiery opener "Ritalin" to the Souls of Mischief-inspired "Wheelz Fall Off" to the hidden bonus track "We Almost Lost," the album is one of my favorite Rawkus Records LPs.

After this release (and especially after their sophomore album, The In Crowd), the Penn grads dumbed down and dropped the SAT vocabulary in an attempt to go mainstream. In the process, they sacrificed that most precious of commodities in an oversaturated music business--uniqueness. They sacrificed their unique image and sound (only good Ivy League hip hop group) to become just another middle of the road hip hop act that doesn't stand out from any crowd.

Still, we can still listen to School Was My Hustle and think of what might have been. If you have the funds, I highly recommend procuring a copy.

"Wheelz Fall Off ('06 Til)

"Day By Day/We Almost Lost"

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