FUPM - "Alright, Alright" x "Dope Out My Window"

FUPM. It stands for Fuck You, Pay Me, and I'm not one to argue with these guys (download links aside). FUPM is Bobby Creekwater and Stat Quo. Both have made a name for themselves independently; Bobby Creekwater as a once "next up" emcee who never made that final leap to the mainstream (we've featured him on the site before), and Stat Quo was the second emcee signed to Aftermath Records after 50 Cent.

They're both undoubtedly talented rappers, but before now neither had found a sound that fit either of them. Now, together, they have. Maybe it was age, experience, or just a change in the culture around them, but these two songs are some of my very favorites to slap with the windows down rolling around town once summer arrives. There's a supposed album in the works very soon, but FUPM's social media accounts haven't been exactly prolific recently. So, I'll use this post as hype for something that might not even exist. Never discount the power of hype.

The first track samples and is based around a Kevin Hart joke, but despite any apparent facetiousness, I too found myself chanting "alright, alright, alriiiiight" after the first few listens. Bobby Creekwater and Stat Quo trade verses throughout the song, both absolutely killing the track. The second song especially embodies why these songs are excellent. The song is ostensibly about smoking copious amounts of marijuana and having that shit flow out the window with abandon. I liken it to when I roll down the windows so that everyone has to hear the audio dope* I have turned up beyond loud. It's near impossible to pick out a favorite verse from these songs, so I'll just leave you with these bars from Bobby Creekwater, who shows that swagger is only played out when the term is used undeservedly. These muthafuckas have some swagger.

"I got one night, with an appetite
and a swagger this bitch just have to like /
she got half a night to rock half the mic
she gon' probably remember this in the afterlife"

"Alright, Alright"
"Dope Out My Window"

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*Credit, Curren$y

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