Nas - "My War" feat. Wu-Tang Clan? [Unreleased]

Before anyone comments, I know this song doesn't feature Nas or any of the Wu-Tang. If you listen to the (still very dope) song, none of the emcees sound like Mr. Jones or the original nine. It's one of the great mysteries of the internet. The track has been floating around the web since 2004, labeled as an unreleased Wu/Nas collab and NO ONE KNOWS WHO THE EMCEES ACTUALLY ARE.

It kind of sounds like Jedi Mind Tricks/Army of the Pharaohs. Perhaps it's one of the countless C-list Wu-Tang Affiliates. I'll leave it to a higher ranking Iluminati better conspiracy theorist than myself to figure it out. Perhaps, like Stonehenge, Jack the Ripper, or the reason Friday Night Lights got cancelled, we were never meant to know who or why they did it.


  1. it sounds like fade2dead's 1st fam jamstudio(RIP)_

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